Alamo Medical Clinic

Welcome to Alamo Medical Clinic, where you and your family’s health and wellbeing are always top priority. We offer the highest quality medical treatments and services to ensure our patients receive the most comprehensive medical care available.

We specialize in adult family care, flu vaccinations, preventive care, immunizations, women's & men's health care needs. Alamo Medical Clinic has been providing professional healthcare services to the Henderson and Las Vegas area since 1994. Learn more about our physicians, Tony Alamo, M.D. and Angela S. Miller, M.D..

Aviation Medical Examiner (AME)

Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) health care services are now offered through Alamo Medical Clinic. Please vist our AME page for the latest information regarding available aviation medical certification by a certified examiner.
Pilot/Airman Certification

Call: (702) 456-4011

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Alamo Medical Clinic is conveniently located in Henderson, Nevada. We provide quality medical care for conditions that require quick treatment but are not life threatening.